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Trim Video to Remove Redundant Clips

The saying "less is more" holds true, and video editing is no exception. Trim a long video and remove the redundant clips help to shorten scenes so the best moments shine and make the audience focus on the important information.

Want to share videos on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories? Use the video trimmer to shorten the video and get the perfect length for various video platforms.

Split Your Videos into Segments For Further Editing

Splitting videos enables you to focus on specific parts, making accurate editing enhancements within each section, resulting in an improved final outcome with better unity.

Use the clips for further editions and creation. Organize your video content into a well-structured narrative, guiding viewers through a sequence of ideas or events seamlessly. Or rearrange the segments using the merging tool to craft a fresh narrative or integrate them into other videos.

split videos into segments
trim multiple videos

Trim Multiple Videos in Batch to Save Time

Say goodbye to tedious, one-by-one trimming – our tool empowers you to efficiently trim multiple videos in batches, offering exceptional efficiency in trimming identical or resembling videos.

Effortlessly upload multiple videos to the video trimmer and set the duration of segments, click the start button, and then all files will be processed according to the same configuration.

Two Precise Methods to Determine the Duration of Segments

Our video trimmer provides two methods to pinpoint the beginning and conclusion of segmented sections. For swift and efficient trimming, you can conveniently drag the marker on the timeline. For meticulous control, you can input precise start and end times. These dual methods guarantee both efficiency and precision in your editing process.

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How to Trim a Video

Step 1. Launch Any Video Converter

Install and launch the Any Video Converter.

Step 2. Upload Video(s)

Click the Trim Video tool from the toolkits list and upload a video or multiple videos.

Step 3. Set the Duration of the Segments

Drag the mark on the timeline or input specific time values to set the duration of split segments.

Step 4. Start Trimming Video

Click the Start button to trim or split the video.

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Any Video Converter Video Trimmer

Trim and Split the Video into Parts Individually or in Batches with Any Video Converter

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I trim a video?

Trim a video with Any Video Converter doesn't need any experience. Upload the video you want to trim to the video trimmer tool, you can either drag the mark on the timeline or input specific time values to remove the unwanted parts.

2. Is it trim or cut a video?

Both terms, "trim" and "cut," are used interchangeably when referring to removing unwanted parts from a video. They essentially mean the same thing in this context.

3. How do I remove unwanted parts from a video?

You can remove unwanted parts from a video by trimming it or cropping it. Typically, you would import the video into the software, locate the sections you want to remove, and then use the trimming tool to cut and delete the clips or use the cropping tool to eliminate those portions.

4. Is a video's quality reduced if you cut or trim a video?

Generally, the video's quality will not reduced if you cut or trim the video. But it may change if it is compressed during the editing process or if you save the edited video in a different format. However, modern video editing tools often provide options to minimize the quality loss, and the impact might not be noticeable unless significant changes are made or the video is saved in a highly compressed format.

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