Audio/Video Converting FAQs

  • Q1: The audio track does not sync with moving video pictures perfectly. Why and how to fix it?

(1)You can solve the problem by change the output video format.

(2)You can adjust your video size to a smaller one. In this case, please go to the right corner of the program and change the video size of the basic settings.

  • Q2: Is sound normalization available?

Yes. Click options button button in the upper right corner of the main window. Choose "Audio" Tab, adjust the sound normalization in the Audio Volume pane.


  • Q3: Can I disable the audio in the video?

Yes. Go to the right pane in the main window of Any Video Converter, find Audio Options, and check "Disable Audio" option.


  • Q4: How to get better audio quality?

You may set higher Audio Bitrate and Audio Sample rate to get better audio render.


  • Q5: My output video is twice of the original video playback speed. Is there a fix?

For some special videos, the duration of the output video is only half the time or twice of the input video duration. Please check "Avoid incomplete conversion" by menu Edit --> Options --> Advanced and try again.

You can try to solve this problem by adding this command line –speed x to the "Additional MEncoder options" under the Advanced tab of the Options window. (x=Output video duration/ Input video duration)

Supposed the original video duration is 30 seconds, but output is 15 seconds, so you can add this command line -speed 0.5 to "Additional MEncoder options" to try again.

If original video duration is 30 seconds, but output is 60 seconds, you should use this command line –speed 2.0 instead in the "Additional MEncoder options".

Please Note: The method above is for Any DVD Converter. The new Any Video Converter Free, Any Video Converter Professional and Any Video Converter Ultimate have greatly improved it. If you encounter such problem, please simply mail to us:


  • Q6: The converter doesn't convert the entire video. It shows complete when encoding status reaches 70% or so. Why?

(1) The problem may be caused by the bad frame. You can skip this bad frame by checking "Avoid incomplete conversion" option under the "Advanced" tab of the "Edit>Options" window. (Only for Any DVD Converter)

(2) Please add source video to MediaInfo by clicking File > Open > File and then set the video bitrate, video framerate, audio bitrate and audio sample rate parameters in Any Video (DVD) Converter according to the Media Info to try again.

Please note that some source video files may be encoded with defects that would disrupt or mislead the converting process. This sometimes will cause converting errors and the out-of-sync problem. In this case, it's suggested that you change output format or the input files.

(3) Please try other kinds of video output formats.

(4) If this problem persists, please send us one or two video clips for testing. If the file is too large to send via email, please upload it to ( and tell us the file name and download link, and then we can download here and give feedback soon.

Please Note: The method above is for Any DVD Converter. The new Any Video Converter Free, Any Video Converter Professional and Any Video Converter Ultimate have greatly improved it. If you encounter such problem, please simply mail to us:


  • Q7: My output video is upside-down. Is there a fix?

There are two solutions available:

1. Change the video effect: Highlight the video in the left pane, click clip buttonVideo Crop Effect tool under the preview window, click Video Effect tab add effect from the popup window, click Other Effect option, and then choose Flip Vertical from drop-down list.

2. Use command line: Add this command line -vf flip to the "Additional MEncoder options" (Edit > Options > Advanced).(Only for Any DVD Converter)


-vf rotate=0: Rotate by 90 degrees clockwise and flip (default).

-vf rotate=1: Rotate by 90 degrees clockwise.

-vf rotate=2: Rotate by 90 degrees counterclockwise.

-vf rotate=3: Rotate by 90 degrees counterclockwise and flip.

-vf flip: video upside-down


  • Q8: I receive "Insert failed" message while trying to add a video. Any idea?

It's quite possible that your input file name or file path contains special (non-English) character which cannot be recognized by the converter. Please modify the file name or file path, and then try again.


  • Q9: How to add video subtitles and choose audio tracks?

If your video file contains multiple subtitles or audio tracks, you can freely select your desired subtitle and audio track. Go to the main panel of the program, click subtitle to select your desired subtitle. Click Audio Track to select your desired audio track.

If your video file has no subtitles, you can also easily create and add subtitles to the video. Just place a .srt subtitle file and the video file in the same file folder, besides, please rename the .srt subtitle and the video to the same. After that, please run Any Video Converter, Go to the main panel of the program, click subtitle to get the subtitle you add. Click how to add external subtitles to video for a step-by-step guide.


  • Q10: How to disable/turn off video subtitles?

If you want to disable the subtitles of DVD movies, please highlight the DVD title and click subtitle to select "No Subtitle" from the drop-down list.

Note: At the moment, AVC cannot disable subtitles from MKV files, and we will improve this feature in the future updates. Please use the software on the following page to remove subtitles first, and then use AVC to convert it. Please visit and download and install the windows version. Please add the MKV file, uncheck the subtitle track, set output folder, and start mixing.


  • Q11: I cannot convert the external subtitles into the output file. Why?

1. Please be sure to select the external subtitles from the Subtitle option in the main window of program.

2. Click options button, select Subtitles Option, and then choose an encoding format according to your subtitles' encoding format, such as UTF-8, from the drop-down list of "Default subtitle encoding" option.


  • Q12: How to keep the output video's frame size the same as input video?

1. You can choose the Customized AVI (MP4) Movie as output profile, then go to the right pane of the program and unfold the Video Option. You will find the Frame Size option, please set it to Original.

2. Please add source video to MediaInfo by clicking File > Open > File and then set the video framerate and audio sample rate parameters in Any Video Converter according to the Media Info.


  • Q13: The quality of output files is not very good. How can I improve it?

Generally speaking, the output quality can be improved by modifying "Video Size" and video "Bit Rate". After you highlight the loaded file into the program, you will be able to modify them on the right panel of the main interface. But in certain format, there would be some limitations. And also, the output files would be in a larger size if you set larger values for these two items.


  • Q14: Can I remove the video codec from the output file name?

Yes. Click options button, select Misc. Option, and uncheck "Add video codec name into the output file name" option.


  • Q15: I cannot preview video within the converter. Is there a fix?

Click options button, select Video Option, and then switch to another video driver to try again.


  • Q16: Can I preview video in a big window?

Yes, the latest Any Video Converter Free, Any Video converter Professional and Any Video Converter Ultimate support previewing video files in a big window while converting.


  • Q17: Can I restore default video and audio settings?

Yes. Open Registry Editor (Start, Run, REGEDIT) and navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AnvSoft\Any DVD Converter Professional\ Setting. Right click on "Setting" folder and click "Delete.


  • Q18: The output *.avi video playback is too fast in PowerPoint. Any solution?

Please convert the source video to *.wmv format instead of *.avi format, because *.wmv has better compatibility with PowerPoint.


  • Q19: Can I load VOB files from the "Video_TS" folder of a standard DVD for converting?

Yes, Any Video converter Professional and Any Video Converter Ultimate can do a good job on DVD conversion. If you can remove the encryption of the DVD by other third-party program, such as DVD Decrypter, our Any Video Converter Free will also be able to convert the decrypted VOB files.


  • Q20:I loaded a wmv file for conversion but got this error message: "Convert failed: ERROR: Could not open required DirectShow codec G2M.dll …Cannot find codec matching selected –vo and video format 0x334D3247." Can you help?

For Windows XP users:

Please click here to download and install the gotomeeting codec.

Then please go to C:\Program Files\Citrix\GoToMeeting\1216 (a folder with numbers, which is the version of GTM you have installed). There will be a file called "g2mtranscoder.exe". This is the utility that GoToMeeting uses to convert the file to a generic WMV file after recording. Now follow the instructions below to use command line to convert the WMV file:

1. Copy g2mtranscoder.exe AND g2m.dll files and paste them onto the ROOT C: drive (ie not in a folder).

2. Place the gotomeeting recorded file on the root C: drive as well.

3. Launch the command prompt (start -> run -> cmd).

4. If the command prompt launches and shows a file/folder path (ie C:\Documents and Setting\etc) then type "cd.." (without the quotes) until you are seeing just the root C: in the command prompt line (will look like C:\>).

5. Now, type the following at the prompt: "c:\g2mtranscoder.exe source=c:\videofilenamehere.wmv". (of course put the name of your video file instead of those words, and don't forget the .wmv).

6. This should have kicked off the conversion, but there is no visual indication of this. You can make sure it's working though - open Task Manager and click on Processes then sort by CPU usage, you should see the g2mtranscoder hogging all your CPU cycles. It's working!

7. Drag and drop the .wmv file into AVC/ADC for converting when the g2mtranscoder.exe process stops.

It would take about 20-30 minutes for g2mtranscoder.exe to convert a one-hour long file to a generic WMV file.

Please Note: If you are Windows 7 users, please click here to learn the steps on how to convert WMV G2M3/G2M4 Codec Video.


  • Q21: All the default video size cannot meet my need. How to get my desired video frame size?

Go to the right pane of the program, unfold the "Basic Setting -->Video Size". You can manually enter the frame size you want. But the output format lists for Apple Products and Android Products do not allow you to manually set the frame size.


  • Q22: Can Any Video Converter convert DRM protected iTunes M4V videos?

Yes, you can use Any Video Converter Ultimate to convert DRM protected videos. Please see the guide website which tells you how to Remove DRM from iTunes Video.


  • Q23: Can Any Video Converter convert audio files?

Yes, the latest Any Video Converter Free, Any Video Converter Pro and Any Video Converter Ultimate support converting audio files between different audio formats, such as MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, M4A, OGG, .etc. Freeware Any Audio Converter can also convert audio to MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, AAC, M4A, OGG, etc.


  • Q24: Can Any Video Converter support multiple-core?

Yes, Any Video Conevert supports multi-core CPUs, which can take full advantage of your PC power to accelerate the converting speed. The newly adopted NVIDIA® CUDA™ technology can totally accelerate your PC GPU, so as to finish your converting task with ultra-high speed and best output quality.

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